Spring at the Farmhouse Tour – A Blog Hop Series

Hello everyone!! Today I am so excited to be bringing you a Spring themed blog hop featuring some incredibly talented ladies I have had the privilege of befriending on Instagram. If you are here from Megan at The Definery Co,  Hello! And thanks for stopping by!

As you have probably guessed, I am sharing my spring decor for my suburban, builder grade turned farmhouse. My whole goal for this post and for decorating for this season was to spend $50 maximum. I don’t like accumulating a lot of decor that is going to stay shut in a closet for majority of the year (other than my Rae Dunn mugs, of course). And I also don’t like breaking the bank for what is a fun hobby that keeps me sane outside of being a full time student, wife and mom.  And no on most nights, I am not sleeping thanks to how over stretched I feel sometimes.. Blog post on life coming soon.

Keeping what I said above in mind, for this season I did the following three things, which you can also easily do to spruce up any room seasonally:

  1. I bought fresh flowers – tulips and baby’s breath to just bring some colour into the home. I also bought some faux flowers to change out when the real ones died (like three days ago haha!) and until I get a newer batch of fresh flowers.
  2. I hit the dollar store for greenery! This is a completely underused resource – I am Canadian, and unlike my American friends, we don’t have Hobby Lobby for reasonably priced faux foliage. We have Michael’s where I don’t like half the stuff or its too expensive.. and like i said, I like to be frugal. So I went to the local Dollarama, where everything is at least $2 and I found some cute faux potter succulents. I bought three pots and you will see them in some spots in the photos.                                                                                                    
  3. I shopped my home. I went through my kitchen cabinets, my candle collection, my decor cabinet, old books I have been collecting and I pulled out ALL the things that seemed spring. And then I just played around with everything until I liked it. Just by shopping my house, I spruced up the decor to feel like new, without spending a single penny!                                                        

So without further ado, here is my Spring’ed out home!

Starting from the entry way – I kept it simple, and just changed out some pillows for an easy seasonal change.

Moving into the house, you see my favourite console table. I used spray painted mason jars as vases and adorned them with ribbon from the dollar store and little tags on which I wrote out “Spring words”.  Literally, these are old pasta sauce jars.. which means I spent ZERO dollars on them. Amen to that. And in between them, I snuck in some silver bird shaped salt and pepper shakers.. thats right, straight from the kitchen and ready to season my morning breakfast the next day for my long work car rides.

And onto, the living room/kitchen – where I again went with simple and decorate with what I already had PLUS fresh flowers. Nothing changes the look of a room like when you add some beautiful blooms. To me, it brings life to the decor in a way that no inanimate object can.

And the last room that got some Spring love was my bedroom 🙂 Nothing fancy here, except I spruced up our bed tray.

And that’s all for this post – Now head on over to my friend Meeghan’s Blog at Cali Girl in a Southern World to continue to be inspired by more spring decor! Also, show the rest of the ladies in this Blog Hop some love and check out their pages below! Also make sure to stop by on Instagram and check out my daily home decor inspiration.

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